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about-meBorn in Mumbai , currently based in New Delhi ,I am a self taught cook in my thirties.My initial encounter with food started Cooking from my Mother’s Kitchen,who is a wizard with flavors.

It is safe to say that I was pretty set in my patterns.Cool with my ‘Not-So-Tech-Savy’ status.It was a real struggle for me to put my smart phone to it’s optimal use.But one simple Desire changed everything and here I am today , creating my space in the World Wide Web to Share with you what is very dear to me –Food- Recipes.Stories.Art.Photography.

My desire to share is for a simple reason – To improve my Gastronomical Karma! You see the more I share,the more I learn,the more I grow and the more I stay tuned to what keeps me Happy.

Food to the majority of us I would say, is synonymous with Good Times. Every special occasion demands a beautiful spread of food…you bet! But I believe,Good Food on any regular day can make that day special!

I recently stumbled upon a hashtags that read –
#droptheshow , #ieatmyfoodnotmyinstagram . I could not agree more ;That is if they were being used for meals that are not satisfying to eat.But, now imagine being served a brilliant dish dumped on a completely wrong plate in the most unappetizing manner.Unless ,it is presented to you by your mother or partner..Would you really be taking that first bite with enthusiasm? Hmm.. My thoughts exactly.

So here , I am trying to create- in my space , a world of Nutritious , Scrumptious and Beautiful Cuisines which are both – Tasty & Visually Appealing.

My gastronomical Philosophy is To Respect the Produce and Make it Shine by Investing all my Skills and Knowledge in it , to design a Toothsome Dish around it .Further, Styling it in the most Artful way.And finally, Capturing the Still in a way , that it tells the Story of the Food from within the Frame.

If you are reading this, I humbly Thank You for being part of my journey !

Please do remember to share and tag #cookstyleclick to your pictures , when you make any of our recipes.It would make me so so happy!


about me

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