ChutneyIn India , one is spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing from ‘chutneys’ – a condiment that is present on every Indian table at almost every meal . They are made by grounding herbs , vegetables , fruits & spices. Their presence is essentially important to amplify the flavor of the whole meal if you ask.

There are so many versions of the many many classics to choose from all the different states . All unique and brilliant in their own self . I share with you the tangy Anardana aka Pomegranate Seeds Chutney recipe , that has been handed down generations in my husband’s family and one of the reason of our overindulgence .

I just have one request .. please try and make it the traditional way , in a motor pestle . If you don’t have one, then a blender sure will do the job.

cooking-time  Total time : 15 mins

serves  Serves : 1 cup


1 cup Mint (washed and chopped)

1 cup Coriander leaves (washed and chopped)

1/3 cup Pomegranate Seeds

1/2 Peeled Onion

Salt & Pepper


ChutneyGrind the pomegranate seeds first and then add all the ingredients together and grind further ; until it reaches a medium coarse consistency .

Tip: You may add a green chilly to give it a kick.


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