Avocado chocolate mousse

We all at some point crave to indulge in a glorious, sinful dessert.Perhaps a decadent chocolate mousse. Now what if we can do that feeling not so guilty! You wonder how? well here is your answer, we can by making it with healthier ingredients?! My version of chocolate avocado mousse has no cream and no sugar.

I have written about the heath benefits of avocado before so I will just quickly highlight the benefits of cocoa …First and most important…majority of us love it and consuming it brings us a sense of calm and joy. Need I state the other benefits after this? Because, the last I checked it seems like we all are in search of happiness and calm!

Unsweetened Cocoa/Dark chocolate is an antioxidant and keeps your blood pressure in control and also,guess what? There are are studies that prove that its consumption helps with weight loss! Yay!! So get down to making this mousse straight away…<3

Total Time : 3 hours

Pre Time : 30 mins

servesServes : 2


2 Large Hass Avocados

6 Dates, pitted and peeled

4 tbsp milk , of your choice

1 Vanilla stick

80-100 g of 85% dark chocolate chips or

40-50 g of unsweeted cocoa powder

Ingredients for the Macerated Strawberries

200 g of Strawberries

3 tbsp Honey

1 tbsp lime juice

Method for the macerated strawberries

In a bowl, crush the strawberries coarsely with a fork and add honey & lime and let it stand in room temperature for at least half an hour.

Method for the Mousse

If you are using cocoa powder skip this step, but if your choice is chocolate chips then start by melting the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over simmering water.Once the chocolate has started melting,stir it a few times and when it is close to 80% melted take it off the gas . Whisk it making sure no lumps of chocolate is there and you are left with glossy consistency. Set aside to cool.

In a food processor add the pitted dates and milk and churn. Pulse it a few times scrapping the sides of the bowl each time.

Cut the avocado in half and scoop out the avocado in a food processor and add the melted chocolate/unsweetened cocoa powder. Split open the vanilla stick and scrap the pods from the blunt side of the knife and add to the processor.

Churn it together by pulsing it till you are left with smooth shiny mousse.

In a jar or a cylindrical glass bowl , put the macerated strawberries. Top it with the mousse and cover with a cling foil and let it refrigerate at least for 2 hours.

Garnish it with sliced strawberries and mint and throw in she chocolate sticks.



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