DukkahEvery culinary inclined nation has it’s own mix of dry toasted spices to give their food that added flare .Like , Garam Masala to India or Five-Spice mix to China the list goes on and out of this long list the one that I indulge in the most is Duqqa/Dukkah – An Egyptian nutty spice mix with is made just as the name suggests : To pound or crush .

It consumed simply along with toasted bread dipped in EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil is divine . Also , a little sprinkle of this mix on your salads or dips or marinations adds that flavorful complexity that lifts up the whole dish.


cooking-time  Total time : 25 mins

serves  Serves : 20-24 potions


Ingredients :

2 cups Hazelnut (you may use almonds or walnuts instead)

1/2 cup Sesame seeds

3 tbsp Coriander seeds

3 tbsp Cumin seeds

3 tbsp Fennel seeds

3 tbsp freshly ground Black Peppercorn

Sea Salt to taste


DukkahLightly dry toss each of spice’s separately in a skillet ; once you are surrounded by their aroma , bring it off heat & set them aside to let it cool. Lightly Toss the sesame and nuts too and let them cool too.

Once cooled , grind the spices first before adding in the nuts and sesame seeds. Further grind the entire mixture until finely ground and then add the seasoning(salt & pepper)to your taste.

Store this magic mixture in an air-tight container.


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