Food In Vogue

One of the things that we are consciously seeking today, is indeed the means and ways of making ourselves and our families healthier. Now,more than we ever,we are focused on improving our health with good food. Trying to abide by the ideology

‘Let food to be our medicine rather than than medicine to be our food’.

Even though the genesis of the grandiose title  ‘Superfood‘ is merely a marketing tool and has been glorified and trended by million dollar companies to hike the sales of their exotic products , superfoods still are nutrient-rich and anti-oxidant rich foods that highly benefit one’s health…So I’d say , let’s hop on and surf this health-wave but learn a little about balancing our board before we do that.


I begin with requesting you not to blindly believe in any product by its packaging &  learn a little more before you indulge in it. As they are mostly high on anti-oxidants which means their consumption can prevent the oxidative damage by countering the free radicals ,oxygen ions and other reactions that may cause any illness to us . But having said that we do need some of the oxidative damage to remain healthy , for it works as aid if we are injured. So as you may have understood ,like always, “balance” is the key element.

And secondly , keeping your expectations under check,I am sorry to burst your bubble but by consuming these Superfood’s you won’t get any Super-Powers…really! But what you will get , is a healthier and a more energetic body ; Over a period of time with the consumption of a balanced diet paired along with regular exercise regime. You need to have an active and fit lifestyle to get to be active and fit….Yes you read it right!! Now common , you wouldn’t imagine a Sloth to have the fitness of a Gazelle’s do you? Even though they both essentially feed of leaves.


Thirdly ,do not limit yourself to just the exotic and expensive packaged food under the superfood’s section. There are lots of healthy foods out there to be explored, even if they haven’t been garnered with the Superfood title just yet. There is this quote I came across the other day “Once upon a time, all the food is was Super & Organic.” I couldn’t agree more . All the Foods in their true nature are healthful but the processing may not be. For example, the superfood Oats should not be mistaken to with instant oats which are processed in a way that is more palatable but far less healthy. So as a rule try to pick foods that have been non-processed and are truly organic foods.


Here I shall share a little awareness on the Foods that make the cut on the list, and how one may incorporate them into one’s daily life’s

food in vogue

Superfood In Recipe

Soya Honey Glazed Vegetables Flower Iced Tea Granola Energy Bites Sour Cream & Honey Tart Shakshuka Pink Couscous Summer Salad Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies Avocado chocolate mousse Cucumber roll-up salad Zoodles tossed in pesto Baked Vanilla Greek Yogurt Maple Syrup Tiramisu Mexican Soft Shell Tacos Mango Kale Salad Blueberry Chia Pudding Smoothie Bowl Raw Mango Salad No Bake Chocolate Tart Avocado Black Quinoa Salad Breakfast Pizza Hummus On Toast Ramen