Jam is one thing that brings back childhood memories to all of us , I am certain. And again there is no jam better than a home-made batch made with the freshest , juiciest seasonal fruits.

One fruit jam I adore most ,is the Golden Berry jam or as in India we call it ‘Rasbhari’ jam. Rasbhari lit. translation “filled with juice”. These juicy tangy yet sweet berries ,like most of the other berries is high in anti-oxidants . Hence,checking the nutritious box with a highlighter.




cooking-time  Total time : 50 mins

serves  Serves : 1 cup


2 cups Goldenberries

1/3 cup Maple Syrup

1 stalk Rosemary

2 tsp Lime Juice

Pinch of Salt


GOLDEN BERRY JAMWash and cut the gooseberries in half . Place them along with the rosemary , maple syrup and 150 mls of water in a heavy base pan over medium flame. Let it simmer for 30 mins , but do keep stirring it occasionally making sure it doesn’t stick to the base of the pan.

Check on the jam after the 30 mins are over, by this time it should be of a loose jam consistency . Turn up the flame and bring it to desired consistency before you take it off heat.

Let it cool and add the lime juice to cut through the sweetness .

Refrigerate & Store for a month.


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