Peanut-ButterI am simply Nuts over Nuts…!! Having said that , no prize for guessing I am a sucker for Peanut Butter .

Now , Peanut butter in its original pure self is indeed super nourishing and healthy . But, don’t be fooled by the ones you buy from your supermarkets that are high in preservatives , artificial flavoring and refined sugar. That is simply junk food…

You can easily dodge it because, once I share this 10 minute recipe ,of this wholesome goodness – you will never want to go back to the store-bought!


cooking-time  Total time : 10 mins

serves  Serves : 18-20 servings



2 cups shelled and skinned peanuts

1/4 cup peanut oil

1/4 cup honey

1 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt


Lighty dry toss the peanuts in a pan.Once lightly roasted , add them to a blender along with the peanut oil. Churn it till it turns into a smooth paste ; then add the salt and honey and churn again.

Store it in an air tight container up till two months.

If you like chunky peanut butter . Just coarsely crush 1/2 cup peanuts on the side and fold through the smooth peanut butter.


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