No prize for guessing, that Tomatoes are the National vegetable of Italy . They sure love their tomatoes ; so much so they call it the golden apple – Pomodoro. It is added to pasta’s , proteins and even crostini’s . It is safe to say it’s versatility and delectable flavor notes, make it a staple in every Italians and Italian food-lovers pantry .

Make this simple sauce and keep it handy to whisk up quick luscious meals.




cooking-time  Total time : 35 mins

serves  Serves : 500 ml jar


750 gms of Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 cup Olive Oil

1/3 cup Peeled Garlic Pods

1 Garlic , cut in half

1/2 cup Basilico/Basil leaves

Kosher Salt and Black Pepper


POMODORO SAUCEPre heat the oven at 300 F . Cover the baking tray with aluminum foil or baking sheet and set aside. Using a mortar & pestle , pound the garlic coarsely , adding along olive oil. Add the tomatoes and the massaged basilico and seasoning .

Pour the mixture on the tray and place the half cut garlic in the center of the tray.

Let it bake for 15 mins . Take the tray out and gently pound the tomatoes , oozing the pulp . Place the tray back in for 15 mins or more till the sauce thickens up .

Place the sauce in a container . It can be consumed for a month if refrigerated and unto three months if deep frozen .

Tip: Pour the sauce in an ice-tray and cover it with cling foil ; if it must be frozen . As you can easily take the cubes out as per your requirement.


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