Ramen – The way I cook it..Loaded with Gooooodnesssss!!

There is nothing more desirable than a wholesome bowl of Ramen. There are endless recipes to Ramen , you just need to find your one to inspire you enough to make you , make it YOUR OWN by putting your signature on it and having your own very unique bowl to share with the world.

In my version i literally stuff it up with whatever healthy my mind can think of and my eyes can spot in my pantry. The one you see here , has many to pick from but i shall pick my top 3 ingredients that are truly praiseworthy.

TOFU , this meatless wonder , sure is controversial to many as tofu is made from soya and in todays world more than 90% of soya grown in the US is genetically modified . Having said that it’s not been scientifically proven yet that tofu is bad for health but there is plenty studies that prove otherwise . The living evidence of its goodness is reflected in the Okinawan people , who are known as huge consumers of tofu and also the segment of world population with the longest life span with the least of diseases. My suggestion is try buying the organic tofu to keep your concerns about it at bay and benefit from what it has to offer.

Spinach First image that pops in our heads for sure is of Popeye , downing a can of spinach for the extra shot of energy and soon after flexing his muscles . Now they were smart cartoon-makers making sure the world is a healthier place,alright! They knew better that just a cup of spinach is packed with a multitude of vitamins and minerals . Also ,It is also one of the non animal high source of Iron which boost the oxygen transport and energy metabolism in our system .

The Japanese have been consuming Seaweed – Nori for over a thousand of years .These flavor packed sheets are super low in calories and add are a wealth of nutrition . Its considered to be a valuable source of protein and iodine and vitamin B12 . You can replace salt with the addition of nori to your food , giving depth to the flavor of your dish and more health value .

Prep Time : 10 mins

cooking-time  Total time : 60 mins

serves  Serves : 4 people


For the Broth

2 teaspoons instant Dashi granules

2 tablespoon Soy Sauce, or to taste

4 tablespoons Fresh Miso Paste

2 tbsp Sesame Oil

1/2 cup Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

2-3 garlic pods (peeled)

1 cup String Beans

4 cups Vegetable Stock

1 medium Onion (peeled and julienned)

250 gms Ramen Noodles


4 Soft Boiled Eggs

3 Red Chillies (Chopped and Sautéed )

1/2 cup Garlic (Peeled and Chopped and Sautéed)

1 cup Baby Spinach

1 cup Chinese Lettuce

8 Nori Sheets

4 tsp Shichimi Powder

1/2 cup Tofu

4 tsp Chili Oil


Put the Shiitake mushrooms in a pot and cover with water , Set it aside for 15 mins. Drain them and retain the water .

Place a heavy base pan over medium high heat and and add the sesame oil , onions and garlic . Let the onions and garlic sweat then add the mushrooms and sauté further for a couple of minutes ,till the mushrooms have softened .

Deglaze the pan with the remaining Mushroom water and bring it to full boil.

Add the Miso and Dashi and give it a good stir.

Now add the vegetable stock and soya sauce and the let it simmer for a few minutes before you add the Ramen noodles and the beans.

Once the noodles have softened take the pot off the heat .

Putting it together

Tong noodles, mushrooms and beans in a Ramen bowl .

Wreath the bowl with the chopped chinese lettuce , spinach , tofu and egg .

Pour the broth on top .

Finally add the nori sheets and sprinkle the Red Chillies & Garlic along with Shichimi powder and a few drops of Chili Oil.


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