Unfolding mysterious Persia!

I am keyed-up to write about Persian gastronomy , aspiring to get you’re interest piqued!

Iran,is a country with bipolar cultures that exit side by side-The conservative and the contemporary,which is reflected in their cookery as well.

The Traditional and Classic dishes of Persia be like ..

Kababs – would be the first brain image for many and the credit for that must be given to the all-embracing ‘Chelow Kabab’ .My best-loved restaurant for that is Alborz at Daroos st. where this luscious kabob is served with aromatic saffron rice toped with Tah Dig – a crispy rice crust and charcoal barbecued tomatoes . Along with the ever-present  condiments Sabzi khordan , a fresh herb platter and Mast Musir , a moreish garlic yoghurt dip.While you are at it do try the chicken – Jujeh Kabob and the lamb – Bareh Kabob.

A no miss is Tah Chin , in farsi Tah means bottom and Chin suggesting the idea of layering.That is how this modest, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside savoury cake of saffron infused butter rice goodness is prepared,covered with tart berries and pistachios.

persiaIranians take great pride in their selection of breads , Nan-e Sangak which baked over a bed of hot pebbles in a oven and Nan-e Barbari, a thick fluffy leavened flatbread are the most well liked amongst the locals.

Sautéing a mountain of herbs with lamb are the initial steps of preparing a fullfiling stew – Ghormeh Sabzi which is given a complex depth with the added dried black limes.Perhaps you could make a meal of it and other classics whilst a trip to Bazaar Bozorgh.The oldest Souk with absolutely stunning…Carpets, Spices , Silver Artifacts , Dry fruits , Caspian Caviar , traditional Chai tea making contraption –Samavar and everything persian there is!

Gilaki Cuisine from Gilian province has distinctive characteristics , this regional style of cooking is characterized by generous helping of oil which is balanced with sour-Torsh elements. With just a few scattered Gilaki restaurants, Gilaneh Restaurant on Saba Blvd serves the most scrumptious Mirza Ghasemi,velvety smoked aubergine and egg appetizer.Their slow-cooked Khoroshte-Fesenjoon is extremely appetizing too , made with three key ingredients walnuts,pomegranate and chicken.

Just 45 minutes from the city center , a popular hiking trail into Mt.Tochal with a river flowing alongside makes Darband surreal. Here you shall truly perceive the leaning towards Torh-sour palette , encountering stalls alongside you’re hike selling sour fruit leather-Lavashak , dried berries and plums . Even Icecream parlors would seem to be a paradox when you are handed Bastani Sonati ba Limoo Faloodah,Saffron ice-cream and faloodah with a splash of lemon juice.

Beyond the boundaries – where the food speaks in multi-International flavors..

Moving Bolo Shahr , literal translation – ‘uptown’ you will experience the more ‘IT’ Iran. Even with the restrains ; The youth with their zest for life and persistence have managed to shape an Urban Iran,which to the outsiders may sound highly delusional. To get an up close, visit the Sam CenterMall at Fereshte st. which along with fashion brands boasts some of the finest multi-cuisines restaurants…Privé – French cuisine , Parkway the Noodle Bar and Divan-Progressive Iranian.

It is a constantly updated food culture, improvising and keeping up with the trending fads ; Be it Japanese at Kenzo on Koddami st. to Chocolate Raspberry Gateaux at Lavender Patisserié  in Moghaddas alongside with the classics like Gelato and Truffle at Chocolatier Ilio in Modern Elahieh to Philly sourdough sandwiches at Leon Cafe in Behjat Abad.

All these creative ideas brewing could very well be the reason for the large number of cafés in the city.Which not only provides with strong coffee but also the glimpse into the strong emerging free-thinkers-society!



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