This low fat yumminess is all you need to coat your salads , vegetables or proteins to make it toothsome.Guess what,my version of Vinaigrette is made by replacing the vinegar from the vinaigrette by synthesis of zesty fruits.Thus ,consuming it shall also give you your daily dose of vitamin C ; now ain’t that cool?




cooking-time  Total time : 10 mins

serves  Serves : 250 – 300 ml


1 Grapefruit

1 Lime/Lemon

1 Orange

Orange & Lemon zest

3/4 tbsp Avocado oil

3 tbsp honey

Pink Salt

Fresh ground pepper




Squeeze the grapefruit , orange and lemon juice. Add the juice in a bowl along with the remaining ingredients . Whisk them until it emulsifies . Store it in a glass bottle in your fridge for up to two weeks.

Tip : You may replace the avocado oil with olive oil and add some red chillies for extra kick.


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